Responsible Gaming

Gambling addiction and other gambling-related issues can lead to a cascade of unnecessary problems. Practice responsible gambling – don’t pay your bills with it!

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs of Gambling Addiction?

  • Pathological lying in order to conceal your own play habits.
  • Losing more assets and resources than you can afford.
  • Gambling to recover from your losses.
  • Your loved ones keep telling you that you have a problem, gambling, emotional, and/or financial.
  • Gambling obsesion keeps you from deploying some form of self exclusion, and financial limitation.
  • Stealing money or resources, or engaging in criminal activities, so you could play games and/or return debts.  
  • Inability to stop gaming and/or gambling, at any cost.  
  • Readiness to lose everything you own to gambling industry, and more. 
  • Emotional problems triggered by the lack of motivation, fun, and sense of fulfilment, leading to relationship problems, depression, or even suicidal behaviour.  
  • Total loss of control and the inability to commit to one of many self-help and/or professional programs designed to help addicts.  

How to Prevent a Gambling Problem From Developing?

Gambling prevention starts with you being honest to yourself. Policy makers and gambling operators are worthless without efforts made by you alone. Use all the tools necessary, get access to casinos that support responsible gambling, make informed choices, demand more information if needed, and if everything fails, do not hesitate to ask for help. 

If possible, gamble only on sites owned by operators with the RG Check Accreditation issued by the Responsible Gambling Council. If you are displaying one or more behaviour symptoms listed above, find an institution or non profit organization dedicated to prevention of gambling problems.     

Practical steps to help you stay in control

Again, gambling industry is huge, one of the biggest in the world, and finding an operator with the Responsible Gambling Council RGC should be an easy task. Do not hesitate to use all disposable tools and resources provided by the gambling industry, and for obvious reasons – do not drink a lot of alcohol when you gamble.   

Take breaks, take care of your health

Practice self exclusion whenever possible, start from small timeframes and go bigger as you play your favourite game. Taking breaks is crucial, due to the fact that humans tend to make less rational decisions when they hit a losing streak, or lose their temper all together.  

Set limits on your deposits

A truly responsible gambling program will include the option of limiting your deposits, as well as ‘manual flushing’, which prevents you from gambling with the assets you have already requested withdrawal for. These are very useful tools, do not hesitate to exploit their benefits.    

Never be afraid to ask for help

This is, by far, the most important part. Gambling is taboo in many societies, and players fear resentment and shaming. Be it judging, pitying, social exclusion, or some other stygma, there are plenty of social barriers that prevent people from asking for help when they need it the most. Do not fear, because people who are actually moral and decent will applaud and respect your courage, honesty, and a mature decision to get better.  

Why The Worst Casino Reviews Promote Responsible Gaming?

As we all know it, gambling can become a serious problem. Gambling prevention and promotion of responsible gambling are, therefore, not only our moral obligation, but a rational business decision as well. 

It is a win-win situation. We are trying our best to promote and improve safer gambling and eliminate underage gambling because it is a good thing to do, period. At the same time, by promoting responsible gaming we are helping players to stay mentaly and financially healthy, enabling them to continue their pursuit for fun and entertainment with no serious risks involved.

We think there is no single best practice in the world when it comes to eliminating this problem. Gambling and gaming for cash without any harm are a delicate activity, relying on all legal, social, and financial resources and tools at our disposal.          

Responsible Gambling Practices 101

There are 8 responsible practices featured by the gambling operators that fully enforce responsible play. They are not only fundamentally important for any responsible gambling program, but they can actually prevent harm, minimize potential damage, raise awareness, and greatly improve safer gambling.    

  • Self assessment test. It’s short and truth revealing, do it and find out if you need some form of self exclusion, or professional help.    
  • Online transaction history. Keep track of your deposits and withdrawals, it’s easier to take positive actions when you see all of your long-term transactions at once.   
  • Time-out period. Shut the game, and take a break for a while, it’ll do you good. 
  • Reality check reminder. It helps you not to get carried away during long gambling sessions.
  • Self exclusion. Decide in advance when enough is really enough.
  • Financial limits. Set a reasonable limit on the amount of cash you can afford to lose.
  • Manual flushing. This will prevent you from gambling with the assets you have already decided to withdraw. 
  • Help and support. Be smart and responsible, take action and talk to professionals if needed, it can literally save your life. 

What Is Bonus Abuse?

Wanting more and trying to get the most out of every situation is a natural state of a human mind. So it’s no wonder that bonus abuse is the most frequently committed offense in the gambling industry. In fact, some customers break casino rules unintentionally, while maintaining otherwise socially responsible behaviour.     

Creating multiple accounts in an online casino

The most common case of bonus abuse is multiple account creation. Literally all operators insist on the ‘one account – one household’ rule, so making two or more accounts from the same IP address is illegal, even if it’s your spouse, a close relative, or a roommate. Educate your loved ones and do not risk permanent ban from your favourite gambling operator on account of this breach of Terms and Conditions.   

Failing to meet the wagering requirements

Wagering is the key element of every casino bonus, both in terms of profit and anti-laundering policies. In most cases, failing to meet your wagering requirements will lead to annulment of all your winnings, so this can be a frustrating and costly mistake. Be 100% sure you know the bonus rules and wagering listed in the bonus T&C’s. 

Claiming the same casino bonuses multiple times

Apart from VIP offers, the best bonuses are those dedicated to new players. This is why some customers are having a hard time avoiding this temptation. Such risks are not worthy simply because they are bound to be discovered by casino employees, and appropriately punished, so please stick to the rules listed in Terms and Conditions and unless stated otherwise claim your bonus only once. 

Making large bets with bonus money

Large bets are not a good idea even when they are totally legal. In case of bonuses, bets are usually capped and trying to bypass them in order to score big, or fulfil the wagering requirements, never ends well. 

Trying to play ineligible games

We all have a fun game or two that we adore, some of them endowed with great return to player percentages, but if those games are not eligible for a particular bonus we must not play them in any circumstances, at least not until the bonus in question becomes inactive. Knowledge is our greatest ally in terms of responsible gambling, so read bonus T&Cs carefully and do not break the rules.