Best Free Spins Bonuses in Canada

Free spins were invented as a method of promotion. Online casinos start awarding free spins bonuses to encourage new customers and make them feel appreciated. Of course, this kind of incitement was well thought of by online casinos throughout the world.

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bonus diceWelcome Bonus

Fight Club Casino Bonus

1st Deposit 100%/CA$100+150FS

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Vegas Mobile Casino Bonus

Saturday 10FS for Jack Hammer

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Horus Casino Bonus

3rd deposit 100%/CA$400 + 35FS

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Stay Casino Bonus

50 Tuesday Free Spins

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Rolling Slots Bonus

3rd Deposit 50%/CA$750+50FS

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Boo Casino Bonus

125FS on each deposit

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Vegaz Casino Bonus

2nd Deposit 50%/CA$400+50FS

Free Spins


bonus diceWelcome Bonus

Vegasoo Casino Bonus

1st Deposit 100%/CA$300+50FS

Free Spins


bonus diceWelcome Bonus

Mostbet Casino Bonus

1st Deposit 125%/$300+250FS

Free Spins


bonus diceOther Bonus

Slotum Casino Bonus

Reload Bonus 50%/$100+100FS

Free Spins


What are Free Spins Bonuses

free spins canada

In essence, a free spin is one attempt to spin the reels of a slot machine without actually having to pay for the said bet. A player, in most cases the beneficiary of a free spins bonus of some sort, will press the spin button on a slot, and will not lose any real money.

No matter the outcome, the player can only win. However, free spin values are very low, from $0,10 to $0,50. So don’t expect frequent high roller wins, even if you intend to use your casino bonuses like a rich man and high bets are your trademark.

Free spins are very similar to free bets at a sportsbook. Players place bets they don’t pay for, and at the same time, they can still win. Spin bonuses are an incentive and an online casino promotion rolled into one, in an already exciting world of slot games that people love so much.

Best of all, the free spins bonus comes with no hidden caveats created by online casinos. There is however a certain set of limitations imposed by a particular deposit bonus, free spins no deposit bonus, or some other type of promotion that offers free spins as a reward.

Free spins – advantages and drawbacks

The most obvious advantage of free spins is the fact that they are free. Whether you win them in-game, from a deposit bonus or as free spins with no deposit bonus, you won’t have to bet any amount of money to spin the reel.

As for drawbacks, there are a few of them. Free spin rounds and deposit free spins can be expensive, depending on the deposit free spins offers. However, the biggest disadvantage to any free spins comes when it’s time to wager free spins. See, just like all deposit bonuses, free spins have their own wagering requirements. After a player uses up their free spins, wagering free spins bonuses comes into play. This means that any winnings from the free spins need to be wagered before they can be withdrawn.

There do exist wager-free free spins but they are extremely rare.

Free Spins vs Free Spins Rounds

Even though they might sound like the same thing there is a clear difference between regular free spins and free spins rounds.

Free spins are the more common form of online casino bonuses. Free spins bonuses tend to be given away in many forms and types. Players can win free spins while simply playing a slot game, or they can get them through first deposit bonus codes. Whichever way a player obtains these free spins, they will be waiting for the player on the specified slot game once they log into it.

Free Spin rounds, on the other hand, can only be won through playing a slot. When a player gets enough wild card matches, filling out the bonus gauge, or playing with scatter symbol combinations. Once a player fills one of these criteria, they will enter a free spin bonus round. During these free spins bonus rounds, the entire layout of the slot game can change and the game will focus on a mini-game aspect. The entire screen might go blank while players try to get as many signs to appear or as many special matches. Once all the free spins have been exhausted the slot game will return to its default mode while the winnings will be distributed to the player’s account.

How Do You Get Free Spins

how to get free spinsThere are a couple of ways players can claim free spins bonuses. Roughly speaking, free spins offers come in two ways.

Players will receive free spins bonuses as a result of a free spin bonus, a casino tournament, or some other promotion offered by the casino operators. In other cases, players can win free spins just by playing their favourite casino games with a built-in free spins rewarding system.

Some casinos offer free spins via promotions, usually activated with a bonus code. Bonus codes are a common thing, and one must use the code listed in the promotion to claim free spins. Bonus code can be a part of a deposit bonus offer, or in some cases, it can activate free spins – no deposit bonuses whatsoever.

Bonus codes are very important to use. If you want to win real money, you will rely on a bonus code or two, and not just for games involving free spins. Bonus codes apply to the most popular casino games, and free spin bonuses are no exception.

Please read the terms and conditions page and check all the details. T&C page is your most important asset in every online casino, USA or not.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Free Spins?

As we have already mentioned in our “Free Spins History” section, the entire point of free spins bonus offers is to get players hooked on online slots.

The majority of players are aware that placing money on free spins is a financial risk that will most likely not pay back, so they are reluctant to give in to the excitement. However, with free spins, players have nothing to lose. They can use up their free spins and not touch them ever again. On the other hand, players can also discover how much fun they could have with free spins slots and wish to invest more money into them.

The Best Free Spins Casinos will offer multiple opportunities for players to get free spins because they know that it’s only a matter of time before a player finds a slot game they like and start using their own money.

Just like many online casinos, Canadian Online Casinos will also have many opportunities for players to earn free spins.

Rules and Requirements You Need To Pay Attention To

When it comes to rules on how to use free spins, it’s pretty straightforward. After a player receives the free spins, they can be used as soon a player accesses the appropriate online slot game. The rules and regulations come into play after the free spins have been used.

Any winnings that a player may have won using the free spins will be converted into bonus funds that will need to be wagered. All free spin casinos have their own rules and regulations about how their free casino spins can be used and wagered. It may be a good idea to check the free spins faq about all the terms and conditions.

Alternatively, you can use our website to find any information about the rules and regulations of free spin casinos.

Free Spins Limitations

There are, however, some limitations to your free spins bonuses.

Free spins gained via deposit bonuses and promotions are often tied to a particular casino slot game or several casino games made by an associate software provider. Before you claim such a free spins bonus, see if those free spins are truly free to use, or are attached to a single casino game player must spend them on.

Time is another important factor when it comes to free spins.

As a rule of thumb, all free spins have an expiration date, regardless of their origin. You may get your free spins as a part of a casino deposit bonus, casino welcome bonus, no deposit bonus with an activation bonus code, but rest assured you will have to spend those free spins at some point, after a few days or maybe a week, or they will be wasted.

Depending on your spins casino, the promotion or casino bonus, most of the time you will not receive all of your free spins at once. For instance, some generous free spins deposit bonus will promise you 100 free spins after you deposit money, but you will get 20 free spins for the next five consecutive days.

If you fail to use 20 free spins every single day, they will perish. Be careful and keep track of every casino bonus that is active, especially if we’re talking about free spins.

Another thing you want to pay attention to is availability.

Some casinos will feature slots you can not use your free spins on. In other cases, your favourite game could be prohibited in your country. Lastly, if you like visiting many casinos on the move, make sure that your favourite free spins game can be played on a smartphone or a tablet.

Most of them will run just fine on your phone, but every now and then a good game emerges that is not yet supported on mobile platforms, or it’s too graphically demanding for a cell phone.


Understanding Different Types of Free Spins

Free spins offers come in different shapes and sizes. Your game will be affected depending on the type of free spin bonuses you will receive from an online casino, so always go for the best free spins bonus possible.

Free Spins No deposit

This is by far the most popular form of a free spin bonus. In order to get your free spins, no casino deposit is necessary. A player just needs to show up at a spin casino and start playing.

Sometimes, casino customers will have to use bonus codes in order to get free spins in question. If you plan to gamble online, use code whenever possible, not only to gain free spins, but regarding all casino bonuses offered by an online casino.

Free spins casinos rarely offer no deposit free spins deals, unfortunately, so if you find an online casino with no deposit bonuses that include free spins, and it’s a safe, trusted casino site, do not hesitate and go for your winnings straight away.

Once you open a casino account, read all the free spin bonus rules

What is a no deposit bonus?

Just like its name suggests, a no deposit casino bonus is a bonus that requires no previous financial investment from a player. No deposit casinos are a rare sight in today’s age because, obviously, they don’t like giving away free stuff.

Because of their nature, most online casinos that do offer a no deposit bonus will have heavy rules and regulations surrounding them, especially when it comes to how withdrawals are handled.

The Different Ways To Redeem A No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

Redeeming a no deposit free spin bonus is normally not a complicated process but it can be. A no deposit free spins casino can simply make the no deposit bonus activate through a bonus code which is a relatively simple procedure.

On the other hand, some online casinos (Canadian casinos too) will require that you provide some personal information before you can activate the free spins no deposit bonus. Things like a valid driver’s license, an ID or any form of documentation with a picture will need to be sent to a casino before the no deposit free spins can be activated. The process can be even more complicated than that because, as we have already said, many online casinos don’t like giving away free spins no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Free Spins On Sign-Up

Possibly the best form of obtaining free spins is through a simple account sign-up. A free spins no deposit bonus on sign-up is usually given away automatically to all new players.

These will become active as soon as players have logged into their accounts for the very first time and accessed the appropriate slot game. Sometimes the free spins no deposit bonuses will need a bonus code to activate but that’s as complex as they get.

Deposit Free Spins

Deposit free spins are the most common way for players to enjoy them, and a lot of online casinos have embraced free spins bonuses as standard. In most cases, deposit free spins will be a part of a bigger casino offer.

Welcome bonus, or 1st deposit bonus spins, are what you might expect from casinos offering free spins.

For instance, upon making a first real money deposit at a casino, a player will receive a particular first deposit match bonus, indexed in bonus money, and a few dozens of free spins to boot. A bonus code may, or may not be involved, and if so, a player will use code to get said free spins bonus.

Matched Deposit Bonus Plus Free Spins

As far as New Casino free spins offers go, the most common form of distributing them is along with a matched deposit bonus.

These usually happen through a welcome bonus or other regular deposit bonuses.

Players who meet the minimum deposit will usually get the same amount of “free cash” that they have deposited along with a set number of free spins that are tied to a single slot game or software provider(i.e. Netent free spins).

Sometimes these combo deals will need to be activated through a bonus code or by selecting them after a real money deposit from the list of available bonuses.

A free spin casino may offer a matched deposit bonus plus free spins in several deposit bonuses, also known as, second, third or even fourth deposit bonuses.

In-Play Free Spins

In-play free spins are what you get when you score free spins just by playing a particular slot casino game. They are the best free spins out there, next to no deposit free spins.

Every free spins casino worthy of its name has got plenty of slot games with in-play free spin bonuses as a part of the gameplay. Free spin winnings attained with in-play free spins can bring serious rewards to your bankroll since usually there is no wagering attached to in-play free spins.

There are a couple of ways you can get free spins just by playing games. Slots with a scatter symbol are your best free spins source. Be sure to know how a certain slot machine works, how many scatter symbols you need to land on the reels to activate free spins, can they be triggered again, and do they set in motion some other features that can bring you higher winnings and free slots, such as expended wylds or wyld symbols.

In-play free spins can activate casino bonus multipliers and even more free spins in a form of respins. The multiplier will, obviously, multiply your winnings by a certain value. Respins can be activated during in-play free spin bonus if a player lands the symbols granting another round of free spins bonus.

Probably the best way for players to increase their chances against an online casino is to start with a little practice. Customers can choose casino games of their liking, and play online casino games for free, in demo mode.

Other Free Spins Bonuses

As we have already stated, free spins can come in many different forms. It is a good idea to understand how each of them works and how they can be obtained.

Free Spins For Regular Players

Regular players will usually get their free spins through a deposit bonus offer (such as a welcome bonus) or through weekly or monthly bonuses. The Best free spin casino offers will award their players a number of free spins (usually 100 or 200) as part of a welcome bonus.

VIP Free Spins Bonus

Some of the best online casinos (including some of the best Canadian online casinos) will offer their players regular free spins via the VIP program. A free spin casino may offer special VIP levels that award their players with a monthly, weekly or even daily free spins offer. Many Canadian Online Casinos like to refer to these as Free spins (no deposit) however, since players need to have made a deposit in the best to qualify for the VIP, there are not true free spins no deposit offers.

Cash Free Spins

Speaking of VIP programs, many online casinos will advance players through VIP/Loyalty ranks by using complementary points (comp points). While these comp points can be hard to accumulate, players can still use them in order to buy additional casino free spins from the online casino free spins store. While players can also use their comp points to purchase “free money” (bonus funds), a free spin offer is known to have fewer restrictions and a lower wagering requirement.

Daily Free Spins Reward

Whether it’s through VIP rewards or simply from signing in, a free spin casino may offer its players daily free spin rewards. This can come through daily deposits or as part of a free spin subscription that can award free rounds of spins each day.

Free Spins Wagering Requirement

It is a daily occurrence that a brand new casino player logs into an online casino for the very first time sees the free spin bonus and goes to claim it without much consideration. It is also quite common that after exhausting all his/her free spins that the player feels betrayed or conned. The simple fact is that, just like all casino bonuses, the free spins have wagering requirements. While all online casinos have to disclose the wagering requirements somewhere on their website, online casinos in Canada often like to hide them deep within the casino terms and conditions

What is Wagering Requirement

The wagering requirement, sometimes called playthrough requirement, is an unpleasant, but necessary tool for online casinos to stay in business. Wagering requirements are not assigned just to free spins, and almost every online casino bonus has a betting requirement of some sort attached to it.

The basic mechanics is this: wagering requirements are predetermined conditions forcing a player to wager through the bonus amount multiple times before he or she can turn the bonus money into real money. The wagering requirement is indexed by the number of times you need to bet/wager the sum of bonus money you have been awarded, in order to withdraw your real money at some point during the game.

Wagering Your Free Spins

Here’s an example: you open an account at a particular online casino. The casino in question most likely will not offer a no deposit spins award, so you have to deposit money instead and get yourself a 1st deposit bonus, or welcome bonus of some sort.

In most cases, 1st deposit offers will include a deposit match bonus, and some free spins, let’s say 50 of them. Both your bonus money and free spins offers will be ‘burdened’ by a wagering requirement.

Now, your 50 free spins come with a playthrough requirement of 50. If a free spin is set at $0,20 it means that your free spins bonus is worth $10 in total (50 free spins times $0,20 per spin).

And here’s the catch: free spins wagering requirements are not based on your bonus value. They will instead apply to your total winning sum on a slot machine.

In this example, let’s imagine your 50 free spins winnings were $100 altogether. Wagering requirements of 50x means you will have to bet, or wager, a total of $5,000 (50x$100) before you can make a real money withdrawal.

Low Wagering is Good Wagering

This is why the best free spins bonuses are tied to low, or in rare cases non-existing wagering requirements. In the example above, lower wagering requirements, let’s say 30x, would force the player to wager only $3,000, instead of $5,000 before he or she can request a payment and actually have a chance to win real money.

All casino sites impose wagering on all the games. Be it table games, slot machines, or a live casino environment, players will have to wager their winnings (for slots), or deposit bonus money (match bonuses), some 20, 30, or even 50 times over.

Why Free Spin Slots Have The Best Wagering

Keep in mind that of all the casino games, spin casino bonuses have the best wagering in terms of playthrough contribution. In order to get the highest edge possible, spin casinos will count every bet you made on slots in full towards your wagering requirement, but other games might be severely handicapped.

Bets made in table games, or video poker contribute to your wagering significantly lower, while live casino bets, against a live human dealer, in most casinos, do not count towards your wagering at all. This is because professional players can easily find weak spots in live dealers, or they simply know everything there is about sports betting and sports teams.

Slot machines are impervious to players with honed gambling skills and strategies. A slot game will act as designed, according to its return to a player percentage value, no matter what.

Thus, free spins offers have the best wagering contributions.

Wagering requirements serve two important purposes, and it is very hard to find an online casino that offers free spins with no wagering requirements whatsoever.

The first purpose of wagering requirements is to prevent criminal activities, like money laundering or tax evasion. The other benefit for spin casinos is binding players to more and more playing free spins related games.

Time Limits of Free Spins Bonuses

Because free spins are quick and easy to use, free spins casinos will often place a time limit on them. These usually last a couple of days after which they disappear from a player’s account. Free spins no deposit offers are notorious for having a strict time limit which is sometimes even less than 24h. Players would be wise to use all of their free spins as soon as they obtain them because of the time limit.

Free Spins Maximum Winnings

Because online slots are able to award their lucky players with huge amounts of money from a single spin, a free spins offer can usually have a maximum winnings amount. Offers like the first deposit bonus or other deposit bonuses that offer free spins can have clear maximum winning amounts in case some players get really lucky with their bonus spins.

Free spins no deposit offers are notorious for having extremely low maximum winnings so that players can’t walk away from a casino without spending any amount of their own money first.

Game Restrictions

Contrary to popular belief, free spins do not work on every single game in an online casino. In fact, free spins casino offers will usually only work on a single slot game. That game in some cases might be made by a software provider that’s restricted in Canada and in these rare cases, there will be an alternative slot game on which the free spins will work. This alternative slot game will  be by a different software provider that is available in Canada.

How do we review free spins casino bonuses?

Reviewing free spins might seem like a daunting task but for us, casino reviewers, who have seen their share of both good and bad free spin offers, it really isn’t. Our experts examine carefully the various aspects of an offer and present them to you in detail. We won’t try to withdraw our funds before we meet the wagering requirements – and you shouldn’t either. If a withdrawal is requested while a casino bonus is active, whether it be a free spin promotion or any other, the free spin promotion will be voided. These steps are further outlined in our review of our platform, which includes several different verification steps. We will also list when contacting the customer service is necessary in order to claim a free spin bonus or the identification needed. Once these validations have been carried out and confirmed by our team of experts the promotion will appear on our website. You can trust every piece of info that we publish on our website.

How do I calculate the value of free spins?

Each free spin is generally equal to the minimum bet allowed on a slot machine. For example, let’s say that the welcome package from a random online casino can get 88 free spins on a game like Starburst.To determine the value of the free spins, we will use the following equation. A number of free spins (88) x minimum bet ($0.01) = Value of the free spin bonuses ($0.98). the value. Of course, some online casinos will have a different maximum or minimum bet for free rounds of spins so the value can be higher. Normally, free spins no deposit offers only allow the minimum bet amount to be used along with a heavy maximum winnings bonus.

Casinos in Canada Offers Up To 1000 Extra Free Spins

From the data we’ve gathered on all online casinos in Canada, it is possible to get up to 1,000 extra free spins. Out of those 1,000 bonus spins, about 200 of them can be earned through free spins no deposit offers while the rest can be earned by deposit offers such as first deposit bonus offers. For these, players need to pay as little as C$1, C$5 or C$10 to get clusters of free spin rounds (100, 200 or more free spins). If you would like to learn more, take a look at our list of free spins offers for Canadian casinos.

Using Free Spins to Your Advantage

using free spinsEven though most gambling games come with an entrance fee, that simply isn’t the case with free spins, especially free spins no deposit offers. Players who plan out their gambling activity accordingly may even be able to use said bonus spins to their advantage.

Say a player wishes to learn how to play a slot game. The best way to learn would be to play it, however, playing said slot game would require a substantial amount of money.

With free spins, players can not only test out how a slot machine works to its fullest, but they also have the potential to earn some money and use it on the same game without any limitations.

If you happen to get free spins that you weren’t planning on spending, consider learning how to play the game the spins are associated with. Maybe you’ll have found your new favourite gambling game?

Mobile Free Spins

Free spins can be enjoyed on the go thanks to mobile-friendly casinos, which is most of them these days. A decent free spins casino will enable you to play slot games and collect your winnings using nothing but your smartphone, in the US, Europe, Asia – the whole world.

Note that your winnings might be the same as on a desktop computer, but some games might not be supported on a mobile platform. Casinos try their best to accommodate a quick and lag-free mobile gambling experience, but we are not in a situation where mobile slots and other casino games are identical to their desktop counterparts.


Safe Casinos in Canada

Unfortunately, there are many unsafe casinos in Canada that want nothing more than to steal your hard-earned cash through illegal ways. In order to find safe casinos, it’s important to consider a few factors.

A safe casino will always have a gambling license. This can be the Curacao license or the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) license that will mark the casino as safe.

A safe online casino will usually be a part of an affiliate group or be a part of a well-known casino owner or operator. While there are many owners and operators, if you visit enough online casinos you will notice a pattern.

The best way to check whether or not a casino is safe or not is through user and official casino reviews. While player reviews will mostly cover personal experiences, casino reviews (like Worst Casino Reviews) will also list all the pros and cons of each casino, including whether an online casino is legitimate or not.


More questions about Free Spins Bonuses

  • How do I get free spins?

    You can get free spins via deposit bonus, VIP bonus, casino cash shops or through free spins no deposit offers. Players who claim the free spins will find them already added to their associated games and they should be able to use them the next time they access those games.

  • What are the benefits of free spins?

    The benefits of free spins are that they allow players to test out a specific game without any limitations and potentially make a profit playing them. Players can use free spins to learn how to play certain games or a way to earn some extra free cash without wagering anything.

  • What casino gives free spins?

    Almost all online casinos in Canada offer free spins through various promotions and offers. Naturally, some casinos will offer more free spins than others. If you would like to know which casinos in Canada give the best free spin offers, you can find a list on Worst Casino Reviews.

  • What are no deposit free spins?

    No deposit free spins allow registered casino players to claim free spins without the need to deposit any money. No deposit free spins will usually have large wagering requirements and many other restrictions. Players who manage to meet the wagering requirements on no deposit free spins will have to provide the online casino with additional personal information before they can claim their winnings.

  • How can I claim no deposit free spins?

    No deposit free spins can usually be claimed simply by registering an account and having them already available. Other times, players may need to enter a bonus code before the free spins will be given to them. Rarely, players will have to contact the live chat support directly and provide them with personal information before the no deposit free spins will be given to them.

  • Are the free spins the best casino bonus?

    This entirely depends on player preference. Many slot players might agree that free spins are in fact the best casino bonuses. On the other hand casino players that enjoy live dealer and classic table games may disagree.

  • Do free spins bonuses apply to slots?

    Yes. In fact, free spins bonuses apply only to slots. Usually, a single free spins bonus will only be usable on one specific slot but there can be exceptions. Free spins bonuses cannot be used on live casino games, table games or any other form of casino games that aren’t slots.

  • Are free spins available at any online casino?

    In most cases, yes. Even when online casinos in Canada don’t offer any free spin deposit offers, most casinos will give away free spins through the casino newsletter subscriptions, VIP rewards and even tournaments. It is very rare for an online casino to not offer any form of free spins.