Canadian Mobile Casinos

In today’s age, when it comes to online gambling mobile casinos are taking over regular casinos when it comes to usage. More and more people live on their phones and this has reflected on the gaming industry as well. In today’s busy life where everyone is always on the move and doesn’t have time to sit at home, it makes sense that mobile casino games would become popular.

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Bitkingz Casino

1st Deposit 125%/CA$250/0.005 BTC+100FS

4.5 / 5

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Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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SupaCasi Casino

First Deposit Bonus 100%/$500

4.2 / 5

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Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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iBet Casino

1st Deposit 100%/CA$500

4.2 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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Mr Sloty Casino

1st Deposit 400%/€2,000

4.2 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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MagicWin Casino

1st Deposit 400%/€2,000

4.2 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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BC.Game Casino

1st Deposit A 120%

4.7 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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Fight Club Casino

1st Deposit 100%/CA$100+150FS

4.8 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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Joo Casino

1st Deposit 100%/CA$150+100FS

4.6 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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Horus Casino

1st Deposit Bonus 100%/CA$200+25FS

4.2 / 5

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Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
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LynxBet Casino

1st Deposit 100%/CA$500

4.1 / 5

casino rating

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star

How We Find The Best Mobile Casino

mobile casino sites

At Worst Casino Reviews, we take great care when it comes to choosing the best mobile casino for you. Our experts go check each and every Canadian mobile casino they can find and pick only the best.

  • Licencing

We pick only the casinos that are fully licenced and safe to play. In this niche, safety and trust are the number one concern when it comes to choosing the best mobile casino. All of our casinos are 100% safe and legal to play.

  • Mobile Casino Bonuses

We know that the next most important thing to players, apart from their safety, is online mobile casino bonuses. That is why we take it seriously to find the best mobile casino bonuses out there and provide our mobile casino players with some great welcome bonuses and offers.

  • Mobile Casino Apps

We take a deep dive into the technology casinos use to develop their apps. We make sure that the casino is compatible with iOS, Android, or even Windows in some cases. We do this, so our mobile casino players don’t have to. We choose only the best mobile casino apps to serve our players.

  • Mobile Casino Games

Our players are here to play mobile casino games, and that’s exactly what we plan on offering to them. We meticulously go through everything, from free casino games to real money games and make sure that our mobile casino players have all the information they need before they start spending their money.

  • Mobile Payment Methods

One thing all players want to know is which payment methods they can use to deposit and withdraw money from casinos. We take a deep dive and give you a rundown of some of the most prominent ones.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Casinos

It is important to know which mobile casinos you should play in and which ones you should avoid. If you want to play casino games and you want to play for real money, there are several things you have to take into consideration:

  • Design and Technology

Even though most casinos use a mobile-first approach it is important for players to check the casinos on their mobile phones. Make sure you like the design and that the mobile casino site is using a mobile-optimized site.

  • Gambling Games Selection

You can have the prettiest casino if you can’t play any games on it. Apart from the casino having a mobile-centred design, you must also make sure that the games are optimized for mobile users. You can test this out on some free mobile casino games.

  • Security

Make sure that you play on a mobile device safely without fear of your data being stolen or the casino cheating you out of your money. Not all mobile casinos offer HTTPS encryption which will make your mobile casino account safer from any man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Customer Support

All top mobile casino sites will have a quick and easy way to contact customer support. Most mobile online casinos offer live chat support but you will find many that use email support instead. Having chat support is a great advantage when it comes to mobile gambling since it lets you contact the casino quickly and easily. It is also a sign of a good casino where you can play games safely without fear of anything going wrong.

Mobile Casino Apps

best casino app

In the early 2010s, mobile casino apps were the only reliable method for casino gambling. Mobile devices had unreliable browsers and each website required special optimization. While technology has come a long way since then, gambling apps continue to exist.

Even though new online gambling sites don’t always create a dedicated real money casino app for their casino, money casino apps show that an online mobile casino is truly dedicated to its players and wants them to have only the best gaming experience. However, having an app can have its downsides too.

Advantages Of A Mobile Casino App

If casinos advertise their mobile casino apps, it usually means that they want you to have the best possible experience while playing in their mobile casinos. The biggest advantages of a casino app are speed and reliability.

Normally, casino games will load faster and crash less (or never) when run through a dedicated app. This was a huge issue in the early 2010s when many online casino games refused to work or wouldn’t load because some games weren’t optimized well enough. Casino players often had to download additional software and extensions to their PC so that casino games would run properly. Needless to say, an app was an all-in-one solution to all of these problems.

best mobile slots

Another huge advantage of a casino app is added security. While most reliable casino websites already have top-notch security, a casino app can provide an extra layer of security. If you have ever been worried about a casino website not being secure enough, perhaps an app is the right call for you.

Many users also found it tedious to have to log back in and out of a casino every time they finish their gaming session. With a casino app, this process is kept to a minimum. An app will automatically remember all credentials and payment methods so that a user won’t have to enter them over and over again. Of course, this is also possible through an internet browser.

Accessibility also plays a major role when it comes to convenience. While opening your web browser and navigating to your favourite online casino is painless enough, an app makes this even simpler. Just unlock your phone, get to your home screen, touch the casino app and you will be ready to enjoy some casino gaming.

Online casinos will often incentivize their players to try out their mobile app by offering exclusive mobile casino bonuses that can only be claimed from their online mobile casinos. These bonuses can not only give players an edge on their favourite casino games but can also have entirely new bonus wagering requirements that are often lower than those of other deposit bonuses.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Casino Apps

One of the biggest disadvantages of having real money apps is the fact that they have become a little redundant. While 10 years ago, an app may have been the only way to enjoy real money mobile casino games, today it just isn’t the case. Web browsers on mobile devices have become as reliable as PC web browsers.

new mobile casinoBecause of this, casino sites don’t have to focus so much time on creating the best mobile experience since it’s already there. Of course, gambling apps could still help with performance but the improvement would be minimal.

In today’s age, we only have a few ways of obtaining apps on our mobile devices. These include the app store (IOS), Play Store (Android), and Windows Store (Windows Phones). Unfortunately, none of these stores will usually stock real money apps. There are many reasons for this but the two most important ones are:

  • Having an app on one of the stores costs money and there is a transaction fee for every deposit made through the store (and this is something that online casinos don’t want).
  • Gambling apps are generally looked down upon by most phone users.

Because of these reasons, online apps need to be installed through .apk files or through AirRop (IOS) and many mobile device users don’t want to bother with such things.

Another reason why you may want to avoid mobile apps, especially those outside the play store and app store, is that some of them may contain malware. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store warn users not to install anything outside their markets and with good reason. Outside apps can contain malicious software that could compromise your account details. Even though such apps don’t usually contain any malware, players are still worried about their account details.

Finally, in today’s day and age where we have almost mandatory apps for everything, mobile device users simply don’t want yet another app on their phone.

Mobile Casinos Through A Mobile Web Browser

mobile browser

When smartphones first appeared, playing them on your smartphone was a pipe-dream. To play on mobile, you needed an app and the latest iPhone, iPad model. Nowadays, mobile gaming is as easy as if you were on a computer. Because of all the technological improvements, mobile casinos look identical to their original PC counterparts. Simply put, everything you can do on a pc, you can now do on your mobile phone.

Advantages Of Using A Web Browser Mobile Casino

The biggest advantage is obvious. You simply need to open your mobile phone browser and type in the online casino web address and you are ready to play your favourite money games. There is no need to download anything to your mobile device since they all come built-in with a web browser.

Sometimes, online casinos aren’t able to optimize their apps fully, so the app ends up having less than half of the games available. This isn’t the case when accessing the casino directly through a web browser because all the content will be available.

The Disadvantages Of Web Browser Mobile Casinos

The biggest disadvantage of mobile sites casinos is security. Mainly, your personal information will be safe as much as your browser is. While web browsers usually have decent security systems, they are still the most susceptible to hacker attacks. Simply put, if you are careful how you browse the web in general, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who never clears their cookies and internet data, you are at a higher risk of having your data stolen.

Another disadvantage to accessing a mobile site through a web browser is that the casino web page won’t always be mobile-friendly. This means that the webpage will load slower, that the mobile version will be too stretched on a mobile device, and that some functions will not work. This is most evident with older mobile casinos that have issues with mobile compatibility. Changing the font size, the resolution, and the general accessibility of a mobile web page can go a long way. And yet, some Canadian mobile casinos still don’t do it.

Playing Mobile Online Casino Games

Whether you are using an app or are accessing the casino from a web page, you should be able to play online casino games without any trouble. Whether you are looking for slots or table games, you should be able to play the game on mobile casinos without difficulties. Every single casino game can be optimized to run on a smartphone screen. While it is a little different from using a mouse (and a keyboard), it’s incredibly intuitive and takes no time at all to get used to these real money games.

  • Slots

mobile slots

Because slots take up the majority of the content of every casino library, it’s only natural that they work well on a mobile device. When playing slots, the game will usually stretch to take up the entire screen. Slots are best played when the phone is tilted vertically. From there it’s only a matter of touching the screen to make the reels spin. The spin buttons, as well as the bet increase buttons, will usually be large enough so you won’t accidentally press the wrong button.

  • Blackjack

Blackjack games, as well as other table games, are also best played when holding your phone sideways. Simply tap on the hit and stay buttons (which are large enough for even the biggest fingers) and play your way to the top.

  • Roulette

When playing roulette on the small screen, it’s amazing how a small mobile device can fit both the betting board and the wheel on the screen. On the left side, you will usually see the wheel, while you will tap on the board, which will be on the right. Placing bets and watching the wheel spin is very intuitive while also feeling natural. If at any point you can’t see the wheel or want to enlarge a part of the board, you can do so with a screen gesture.

  • Video Poker

Even before online casinos made their way to mobile devices, players have been enjoying video poker games on the little screens. No matter which type of video poker games you may be playing, the game works flawlessly on the little screen. Simply tap the cards that you want to hold, place your bets and deal them again. It’s an age-old game that isn’t going away anytime soon.

mobile casino games

  • Live Casino Games

While the mobile gaming experience is better than it’s ever been, the live casino experience will always depend more on your overall internet speed than anything else. Because the games are streamed live from a live physical place, many things can go astray if you have an unstable internet connection.

Because of this, we highly recommend that you play live casino games only when connected to a stable internet connection. Nothing can ruin a live dealer session than an unstable video feed and disconnections. If you are connected to a stable hotspot, then rest assured that the live casino games will work without any problems.


Mobile Casino Bonus

Mobile casinos wouldn’t be as attractive without their welcome bonuses. Naturally, all bonuses that are available on the web casino are also available on the mobile casino. With that said, some of the best mobile casinos will incentivize their players to use the mobile web browser or the dedicated mobile app for special mobile bonuses.

Some online casinos will offer a special welcome bonus if you make your first deposit using a mobile device or the mobile app. These can often contain a higher match bonus or additional bonus funds. There are also mobile-only reload bonuses available at some casinos.

  • Welcome Bonuses

Most casinos will offer you some type of welcome bonus in order to draw you in to play. You receive a welcome bonus after registering and making your first deposit. After that, in case of a match deposit welcome bonus, you receive a percentage of the deposit. Sometimes with a welcome bonus, you receive free spins. Certain mobile casinos play on offering a mobile-specific welcome bonus in order to get you to download their app. Of course, as with any other bonus T&Cs apply, for example, bonus funds expire after a set amount of time, and you will lose all of your unused bonus funds. So we make sure we read those T&Cs and draw attention to those small print conditions.

  • Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses on mobile casinos function the same as on their web counterparts. You receive a deposit bonus after using up your welcome bonus and making a new deposit. You will receive real money as your bonus.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

When it comes to no deposit mobile casino bonus, even though it is not that common, certain mobile casinos will offer you a no deposit bonus. This is a bonus that you can get just by signing up to the mobile casinos. T&Cs apply with these bonuses especially. There are always some special conditions.

  • Free Spins

While you won’t receive a real money bonus, free spins will allow players to spin their favourite mobile slot games without paying for the bet. You can look at free spins like a bonus bet that a casino is giving you. The best mobile casinos will offer large amounts of free spins for players to enjoy, but always be aware of the gambling requirements. Free spins are a great way to test out a new online mobile casino or a mobile casino app.

  • Monthly bonuses and promotions

When it comes to mobile casino gambling, most casinos will offer monthly or weekly bonuses. These are meant to entice your mobile play and keep you in the Canadian mobile casino of your choice.

Mobile Casino Payment Methods

Many smartphone users are used to making all of their transactions through their default digital store (app store or google play store). We have already covered how these stores tend to avoid real money mobile casinos and because of that, your payments will be made directly through the casino web page or through the casino app.

You can use all banking options that you would normally use when making your casino deposits. Credit cards and e-wallets work great when it comes to making deposits but so do crypto wallets which you can directly integrate into your phone’s browser.

Mobile Casino Customer Support

Just like when accessed from a PC, customer support should be only a tap away when using mobile online casinos. Tapping the live chat button should automatically open up the chat window and get you in contact with a live representative. Some of the best casinos can even have you communicate with their representative directly through their apps, making the conversation even better.

online casino mobile


More questions about Mobile Casinos

  • What are Mobile Casinos and how do they work?

    Unlike a normal online casino, mobile casinos can be accessed from mobile phones. You can access mobile casinos either through your web browser or a dedicated mobile app. Mobile casinos are becoming a standard in the online gambling worlds. Just make sure you have enough mobile data.

  • Are Mobile Casinos Legit?

    The answer to this question can vary depending on mobile online casinos. Most casinos are safe to play on a mobile device, but you should always check the reviews and if the mobile casinos offer support and have all the necessary licences. Check all of the above before you play for real money.

  • Can I gamble on my phone?

    Yes, you can gamble on your mobile. You have two options available. Some online casinos offer apps you can download. You register with your casino account and play. The second option is to use your mobile browser, mobile compatibility of casino websites in this day and age is no longer an issue.

  • Can you win real money playing slots on your phone?

    Of course, you can win real money with slots on your phone. All the mobile slots casino sites we recommend let you play for real money, and have no mobile compatibility issues. As with any casino, T&Cs apply, make sure to read it carefully.

  • How do I choose a good mobile casino?

    We have a list of good mobile casinos. All of our recommended mobile casinos go through our experts’ rigorous checks. Look for their licence, what software providers they have, what bonuses they offer, check if their site has any mobile compatibility issues…

  • Is every casino game available on mobile phone?

    No, not all casino games are always available on mobile devices. Some of the games may have mobile compatibility issues. Check with your favourite casino if you can play games you want.