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Creating a casino account as well as depositing and withdrawing from a casino should be pretty straightforward. However, many things can go wrong during all three procedures. Nothing can frustrate players more than a computer screen showing that something went wrong or suggesting they remain patient.

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Vegaz Casino

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Horus Casino

1st Deposit Bonus 100%/CA$200+25FS

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Boo Casino

1st Deposit Bonus 100%/CA$500+50FS

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ZodiacBet Casino

1st Deposit Bonus 125%/$125

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Vegas Mobile Casino

1st Deposit 200%/CA$75

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IAmSloty Casino

1st Deposit Bonus 125%/CA$300

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Vegasoo Casino

1st Deposit 100%/CA$300+50FS

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iBet Casino

1st Deposit 100%/CA$500

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SupaCasi Casino

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What Is Instant Play?

Back in early 2000, online casinos required that casino players download the casino to their PC in order to enjoy their gambling website. As technology improved, especially with the introduction of HTML5, most online casinos can be played without any downloads. These used to be called Instant Play casinos.

Nowadays, the term ‘Instant Play’ means that you can, almost, instantly play casino games at an online casino without setting up a new account or setting up a payment method. While E-mail, passwords and picking a payment method are still the preferred way of playing at most casinos, Instant Play is slowly becoming the better choice.

Why spend all that time filling out your account details (for the eleventh time) if you can just click the instant play button and use your preferred account that already comes packed with all your information?

It’s similar to how your google account can be used to log in to many different websites only now you are also carrying your bank account along with your personal information. One of the best payment methods for Instant Play is Trustly.

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What Is Trustly?

Trustly is an open banking payment method that allows you to easily link your bank account to any online casino that supports it. Founded in 2008 by a Swedish company, Trustly has since then become one of the most popular payment methods for online casinos. Trustly makes the tedious process of creating a casino account and selecting a payment method almost instantaneous thanks to its ease of use and reliability.

How Do Trustly Online Casinos Work?

Trustly works similar to most e-wallets but with fewer confirmation processes. First, when you create an account at a Trustly Online Casino and fill out your personal information, you’ll have to link your bank account. Once your account has been set, the next time you want to use your Trustly payment method, you’ll actually be logging into your own bank account.

What makes Trustly easier to use than other e-wallets is that money travels directly from your bank account to the casino, and vice-versa. E-wallets, on the other hand, act more as middlemen, where money travels from your bank to the e-wallet and finally to the casino, and vice-versa.

Needless to say, an e-wallet transaction is less straightforward and also more costly. At the same time, e-wallets only act as your payment method and not as your casino account.

The Benefits Of Using Trustly

  • Easy sign-ups and registration at any Trustly online casino

no account casinoThe biggest benefit to using Trustly is speed. While using e-wallets is a relatively fast process, Trustly makes the whole process even faster. For one, when using Trustly, there is no need to create an online casino account because Trustly will provide the casino with everything they might need to know. Not to mention, once you are logged in, there won’t be any need to enter any banking options because that will already be taken care of.

  • Small transaction fees

best trustly casinosAnother huge benefit to using Trustly is its humble fees or no fees at all. Trustly will take a small fee from your bank account for every transaction you make, but it will be minimal when compared to e-wallet transaction fees. Trustly proudly boasts how they have no “hidden fees” and how you will always know exactly how much you will spend with each transaction, or in our case, each deposit.

  • Multiple Trustly Casinos – One account

online casinos that accept trustlyTrustly is also extremely convenient if you like to play at more than one casino (casino hopping). Remembering multiple Emails or passwords may be a needlessly complicated process for some, so it’s nice that you only need one Trustly for every casino you may want to play at, provided they accept Trustly as a payment method.

  • Instant withdrawals and deposits

best trustly casinos 2021Did we mention that casino withdrawals are also instantaneous? If you have even requested a casino withdrawal using Bank or Wire Transfer, then you know how painful it could be to wait for a withdrawal to finalize. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Trustly. Because of the direct link between the casino and your bank, the transactions can flow both ways without a hitch.

  • Mobile friendly

casinos accepting trustlyFans of mobile casinos will be happy to learn that Trustly is extremely mobile-friendly and that it works on many mobile devices. Installing Trustly and having it run on your phone is an extremely simple procedure and linking it to your online casino account via mobile browser couldn’t be simpler. Because of this, Trustly is probably one of the best possible payment options for mobile online casinos.

The Disadvantages Of Using Trustly

The benefits of Trustly speak for themselves, however, this payment method still leaves a lot to be desired. In the following section, we will cover all the disadvantages of using Trustly as a payment option for online casino gaming.

  • Not available worldwide

The biggest issue is availability. As of recently, Trustly was only available in Europe and only in a select few countries. Even though many Canadian and USA web services (especially reputable online casinos) have shown interest in Trustly, they were very slow to extend their support outside Europe. Thankfully, Trustly has opened its doors outside European countries and Trustly Casino sites are finally available to players in Canada.

  • Not all banks will accept Trustly deposits and withdrawals

Past that, you may just belong to a bank that didn’t open its doors to Trustly and will not allow it to access your bank details. You’ve also got banks that will work with Trustly but will want an extra fee added to each transaction.

  • Lousy customer support

Another huge advantage is that Trustly isn’t really famous for having good customer support. It relies too much on the FAQ section of its site.

Types Of Instant Play Casino Bonuses

trustly casino bonusesIf you need even more incentive to use Trustly, some Instant Play online casinos actually have special bonuses for Trustly users. In the last few years, we have seen quite a few casinos that push a certain payment method through a deposit bonus.

You may be thinking: “Why would instant casinos care about which payment method players are using as long as the casinos get the money in the end?” Just like players who value their time, even the best instant play casinos would rather jump through a few hoops less if it means the deposit options will run smoother. Casinos would rather deal with a simpler payment method than with a fee-heavy e-wallet such as PayPal or deal with the heavy bureaucracy of most credit cards.

Because of this, an instant play casino may give special casino offers to users who use the most efficient payment method. In this case, this is Trustly. Here are a few examples of how Trustly bonuses can work:

Welcome Bonus

The majority of online casinos (instant play casinos, too) will have a universal welcome bonus that covers all forms of payment methods. However, we have seen instances where an instant casino may give you a special welcome bonus (usually a better one than the default) for choosing Trustly for your very first deposit.

This can be in the form of a higher match bonus or even better game weighting requirements. If you have Trustly, it would be a waste to pass up on a higher bonus amount.

Reload Bonus

These come up much more often than welcome bonuses. Many casinos offer weekly or even daily deposit bonuses for using a certain payment method such as cryptocurrency or, of course, Trustly. So many players have been drawn to Trustly reload bonuses that casinos who offer them are sometimes referred to as Trustly casinos.

Free Spins

Since free spins are given out the most by online casinos, it only makes sense that casino sites will give you some for using their favourite payment method. Not only are there free spin bonuses for depositing using Trustly but many player reviews also report of casinos just giving away free spins (through email bonus code) for using Trustly. The benefits of using this payment method shouldn’t be ignored.

No Deposit Bonus

While extremely rare, a Trustly Casino may offer its players a no deposit bonus. While that may sound silly, seeing how Trustly is already a payment method, however, these can still work. Players who link their Trustly or use the instant play option at an online casino can get a no deposit bonus without making a deposit. Afterwards, payers may be asked to make the first deposit should they decide to withdraw their winnings using Trustly.

Different Types Of Trustly Casinos

trustly casino canada

In this section, we would like to focus on just how convenient it is to use Trustly for all sorts of casino types. It seems that no matter how you like to use an online casino or which types of online casino games you like to play, Trustly will be able to provide a better player experience.

  • Mobile Casinos That Accept Trustly

If you are a mobile casino player and are worried that you won’t be able to use Trustly through your mobile web browser, don’t be. Trustly works amazingly well from a mobile device. When you are trying out a new casino and don’t really feel like making another account, just install the Trustly app and make your life easier. Upon clicking on the Instant Play option on a gambling site (and selecting Trustly), the Trustly app should open and from there you’ll be able to log in to the mobile casino with all your payment methods and personal information already filled out.

  • Live Casinos That Accept Trustly

Trustly truly shines when you are in that “just one more round” vibe. If you feel like your next roll or spin is going to be lucky and need an extra few pounds, nothing can ruin that lucky mood than navigating all the way to the payment methods page and entering your details again. This is especially true when playing live dealer table games. Since the games are happening in real-time, with real dealers and real players, it only makes sense that you would want to top-up your deposit as soon as possible so you don’t miss the next game.

We cannot express how much Trusty has helped us in those situations. Live dealer games simply don’t wait for anyone, not even when you need to make a quick deposit. The only thing you can manage during rounds is to make an instant deposit, and that’s only possible with Trustly.

  • New Casinos That Accept Trustly

Trustly is still a relatively new payment method and because of that, many new online casinos still don’t have it available. There can be several reasons for that. The casino could focus on non-European customers and simply won’t need to have Trustly as a payment method.

Also, Trustly may not want to offer its support to a certain casino because of its Terms and Conditions which isn’t unheard of. Seeing how Trustly isn’t even available in every European country it wouldn’t make much sense to have it as a payment method if Trustly supported countries aren’t its target demographic. Unfortunately, you can’t expect every single new online casino to have Trustly.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that many scam casinos like to say they have Trustly. But the truth is, they don’t. The best way to check if a casino site is is to check the bottom of the page for a Trustly logo.

You can find a list of legitimate Trustly casinos on our website.

Trustly Security

Of course, it really doesn’t matter how great Trustly is if it isn’t a secure payment method. What good is a flash deposit or flash withdrawal if your real money may end up in the wrong hands? How safe is Trustly exactly?safest trustly gambling sites

Trustly is as safe as your bank. We’ve already mentioned that Trustly isn’t an e-wallet but more of a direct link between your bank account and the casino. Technically, there is nothing that can be hacked or misused in that link. The only real threat here would be if the casino itself gets hacked or if your bank account (or the bank itself) gets targeted by malicious hackers.

If you do, and hopefully you won’t, end up being the victim of a hacker attack Trustly won’t be able to help you as much as your bank will. If you are concerned about your safety, your best bet would be to contact your bank and find out what additional measures you can take.

Note that extra security usually means extra layers of protection (i.e. authenticator, SMS codes, email verification) and those can defeat the whole purpose of flash deposits and withdrawals that Trustly is best known for.

Trustly Availability

trustly availabilityEven though Trustly finally opened its doors to many online casinos outside Europe, Trustly had a rough trip getting there. In the next section, we will look at some countries that have international casinos available in Canada that also had an impact on helping Trustly get where it is today.

  • Swedish Trustly Casinos

Seeing how Trustly was originally created in Sweden, it’s only fitting that it is currently one of the most popular payment methods for gambling transactions and online transactions in general. Since it was supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority it gave it an edge over most online payment processors.

Because of its high security and ease of use, Trustly quickly gained traction and started spreading outside its home country. It soon became part of the European Payment Institutions Federation which opened its doors to even more online businesses. There is a good chance that the Best Trustly Online Casinos are based in Sweden and most of them have happily opened their doors to Canadian players.

  • Finnish Trustly Casinos

New Trustly Online Casinos are most often based in Sweden, however, Finland is a close second. Because of their open-door policy to gambling laws, some of the best online casinos in Finland will accept Trustly. If for some reason, Swedish-based online casinos aren’t available to the Canadian public, many Finnish online casinos that accept Turstly will probably satisfy players who prefer this type of payment.

  • UK based Trustly Casinos

To truly prove how big of an impact Trustly has had since its launch, one only needs to look at how Trustly is available in UK-based online gambling. It’s no secret that the UK has extremely strict laws when it comes to gambling laws, especially online gambling laws. This has made Skrill the number one preferred payment method in the United Kingdom. However, so many casino players and online shoppers alike have expressed interest in using Trustly, that the UK government simply had to open its doors to it.
Nowadays, being recognized by the European Payment Services Provider, Trustly is available in many UK-based Trustly Casinos and UK players can make online casino deposits using this convenient method of payment.

  • Danish Trustly Casinos

Even though Pay n Play Casinos are relatively new to the country of Denmark, its open book policy on both online and brick-and-mortar gambling is truly a blessing for fans of real money gambling sites. Just like they accept players from Canada, most Danish Casinos accept Trustly as a way to deposit and withdraw money.

If you are looking for some of the best online gambling that the gambling industry has to offer, Denmark is probably one of the best places to play online slots, video poker games and many other forms of online gaming.

  • German Trustly Casinos

Even though Germans have Giropay Casinos, which essentially function the same way as Trustly (they connect your bank accounts directly to the online casino), Trustly has still managed to sneak into the German casino operators.

The great thing about German-based online casinos is that they are very accepting of players from all over the world and that includes players from Canada as well. Trustly casino deposits and withdrawals can be made at any German-based casinos accepting Trustly and there are many of them.

  • Austrian Trustly Casinos

Just like their neighbours, an Austrian Online Casino will also have an open-door policy towards players from other countries as well as payment options. Even though Austrian Casinos enjoy their famous Sofort Casinos, some of their best online casinos still have to snake their way into providing alternative yet safe payment methods. Make sure to thoroughly check your chosen online casino based in Austria to see if it accepts Trustly as a payment method before you proceed to make your account.

  • Norwegian Trustly Casinos

Pushing Trustly into the Norwegian online gambling limelight was not easy. Because of Norwegian extremely strict gambling laws and gamble responsibly regulations, Norwegians aren’t too happy to accept another online casino method of payment without a good reason. Thankfully, because of its popularity, Trustly earned enough credibility to even be allowed into a country with very strict gambling laws. While Norwegian-based Trustly Casino is hard to find, there are players in Norwegian online casinos that meet the minimum deposit using Trustly.

  • Polish Trustly Casinos

Just like Norway, Poland also has a tight grip on the world of online gambling and rarely allows its online casinos to be accessed overseas. With that said, they still allow Trustly to be part of their payment options. While their laws are strict, Polish casinos can provide their players with some top-of-the-line gaming experience.

  • Spanish Trustly Casinos

Even though they act under the Spanish Gambling Act of 2011, the Spanish government is much more forgiving towards online gambling laws. Because of this, Spanish-based online casinos have no problem with Trustly being one of the most preferred payment methods, mostly due to its ease of use and convenience.

Trustly Casino Summary

Trustly and Trustly online casinos demonstrate how far technology has come in terms of internet payments. What used to be a long and tedious process is not as simple as logging into your own email account. Trustly truly is a great payment method to use at online casinos and play games.

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More questions about No Account Casinos

  • Are Trustly Casinos safe?

    Yes, Trustly Casinos are very safe. Trustly uses a complex security system that creates a safe bridge between your bank account and the online casino itself making it not only a safe way for online gambling but also one of the most convenient ways too.

  • Is Trustly accepted in every online casino?

    Sadly, no. While the benefits of Trustly cannot be denied, many online casinos and banks simply refuse to work with Trustly. We are hopeful that things will change for the better in the near future.

  • Does Trustly have any transaction fees?

    Yes, transferring money from your bank account using Trustly does carry a small fee, however, that fee is usually negligible when compared to other payment fees.

  • How fast are Trustly deposits and withdrawals?

    A deposit or a withdrawal at Trustly Casino is instant which is one of the main benefits of using Trustly.

  • Are Trustly deposits allowed in Canada?

    Yes. Even though it took much longer than we would have liked, Trustly is finally accepted in Canada as a payment method and in any other Trustly Casino.

  • Is Trustly compatible with mobile casinos?

    Yes. Trustly is very much mobile friendly. Installing Trustly and linking it with your favourite mobile casino is a very simple process.

  • Do many online casinos offer a Trustly Casino Bonus?

    Some do. Because of its convenience and security for both casino owners and players, some casinos do give out bonus casino offers, bonus funds and bonus spins to players who choose to deposit with Trustly. Some online casinos may even offer better wagering requirements to players who deposit using Trustly.

  • What is the minimum deposit using Trustly?

    Trustly doesn’t have a different min deposit when compared to other payment methods. The usual min deposit for most online casinos that have Trustly is C$20.

  • What is the max bonus bet with Trustly?

    Just like with all other payment methods, Turstly doesn’t usually have special privileges to get a better max bonus. The usual max bet amount for online slots using Trustly is C$5 – C$8.