Worst Online Casinos

When it comes to deciding whether a casino is good or bad, the gambling industry is sort of a minefield. So what distinguishes a legit and fair gambling establishment from some of the worst online casinos? The answer is often divided into several categories – payment methods, customer support, licensing, bonus offers, user experience and reviews.

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What Defines Blacklisted Online
Casinos in Canada?

Basically, blacklisted online casinos are gambling establishments that don’t meet the necessary criteria of the gambling industry. Every online casino has to provide transparent terms and conditions, which are in accordance with their licences, gambling standards and gambling community. And above all, they have to stick to them.

Here is our list of Worst Casinos in Canada:


Casino Name

Indio Casino

  • false Questionable practices
  • false Games are download only
  • false Operating without a valid license

Casino Name

Gold VIP Club Casino

  • false Rigged games
  • false Delayed or completely denied payments
  • false Poor customer support

Casino Name

Stay Casino

  • false Unprofessional behaviour
  • false Live chat not available 24/7
  • false Bad reputation

Report a casino

If you happen to stumble upon a casino that scams its Canadian customers, takes too long to give you your winning money or just seems way too fishy, feel free to report a casino here!

However, there are still various ways a casino might try to take advantage of players, but perhaps the main reason why casinos end up as blacklisted is due to withholding the winnings from players.

Needless to say, this is a big no-no in the gambling community as it bluntly breaks standard terms and conditions. I mean, if you win something fair and square, it is ok to get your reward, right? Well, this is not so clear to certain casinos as there’s a great number of casino sites that pretend and act dumb, just to avoid any payouts to players.

Sadly, this is not the only way a casino tries to “outsmart” players from getting their well-earned reward. Luckily for you, we’ll provide you with an insight and a list of major issues when dealing with blacklisted casinos.

From payment issues, customer support and pirated software to licencing and unrealistic bonus offers – all of this is why so many casinos become infamous and get labelled as rogue/blacklisted casinos. We are going to start from the major issue – payments.

Online Payment Problems

The global online casino gambling industry was estimated to be worth some $53.7 billion in 2019. and is increasing in value every year. Some rough calculations predict that until 2027, this number will reach a sum of $100 billion.

That’s a lot of transactions (deposit/withdrawals) where bad casinos may use several tactics to discourage players from claiming their winnings. The main problem about gambling online is that in most cases you’ll never know if the casino you choose is safe, banking-wise. This may spoil your fun and online gambling experience, especially if you are not certain if a casino will honour their part of the deal or refuse to pay players. The two main ways rogue sites use to deter players from claiming their withdrawals are connected to withdrawal methods procedures and payment methods.

Overcomplicated withdrawal procedures

This is a cunning way of delaying the payment, where casinos complicated withdrawal procedures to the point that players just give up and never get their money. Since a lot of people are naturally impatient, this is a perfect technique for getting players “off your back”.

Usually, you have to go through a step-by-step process of identity confirmation, checking if you fulfilled wagering requirements, providing additional documents, etc. Most of these steps are standard, but good gambling sites will never force you to do it several times or to send again IDs and valid documents. This “game of attrition” often ends when a customer is frustrated enough and gives up.

One of the major representatives of this scamming method is the Virtual casino group. These guys managed (and still are managing) to fraud a huge number of players over the course of a decade. They operate dozens of shady casinos armed with veteran scammers that will prolong your payout up to several months. Here is probably the worst casino blacklist you can find in one place: Prism casino, Cool cat casino, Club player casino, Slots of Vegas casino, Ruby slots casino, just to name a few.

Oddly enough, all these casinos are powered by Real Time Gaming software provider, which is a well-known and respected game provider. Our advice: avoid playing in any of these casinos.

Too few banking methods are available

A great number of casinos provide players with a good selection of various deposit and withdrawal methods, making their gambling easy and enjoyable. You can expect to find all sorts of payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, iDebit, Bank transfers, Neosurf, ecoPayz, even some crypto casinos offer Bitcoins, Litecoins, Etherium, etc, as a way of placing deposit and gambling.

However, some casinos offer just a handful of payment methods that aren’t supported worldwide. Some countries have a restriction policy for certain payment methods, and some countries only use special banking options, which are used only in that country.

With this in mind, bad casinos offer only a few withdrawal methods, so players won’t be able to claim that money in their countries of residence. This “under the belt” move is quite popular and a lot of casinos are getting blacklisted for that.

Customer Care

Customer support is the go-to place for any good online casino. Here, players should find all information about promotions, payment methods, resolve any issues and possible problems.
The philosophy is simple – to secure the trust of players, casinos must deliver a transparent practice and provide plenty of ways of reaching them.

Blacklisted casinos often fall short in this area as well. Players have difficulty reaching them, they wait too long for a response or they don’t get any reply at all. Poor customer service is more than enough to have a casino blacklisted.

Failure to address players’ complaints

Complaints are an essential part of online gambling. Even proven casinos receive hundreds of complaints on a daily basis. Players are unhappy with bonuses, have questions about payment methods, etc. What really matters is that casinos address these matters in a way that they are helpful and resolved. Bad casinos, of course, fail to do this which often lead to them being blacklisted

Non-existent or rude customer support

It goes without saying that professional and courteous customer service should be a high priority of every online casino. Yes, players can be rude sometimes, but customer service – never. Unresponsive and impolite operators usually cause casinos to be blacklisted.

Pirated Software

A great selection of high-end games is a must for every online casino that aims to provide quality service. Especially nowadays, when most casinos work with some of the best names in the gaming industry. Cutting-edge game software and user-friendly games are an important part of every good casino.

Failing to rise up to the task may put a casino on the blacklist. Like the Casino Atlanta that was offering pirated Novomatic games, which is a big red flag. Not only the players couldn’t enjoy their favourite games to the fullest, but they also had to worry about the fairness of the games.

Unsatisfactory player experience

Most casinos have a large library of slots, progressive jackpots, accompanied by sections of table games, video poker and live casino games. Having said that, the gaming experience must be reliable, fast and safe in order to meet the desired industry standards.

Games that freeze, crash and are laggy are unacceptable in today’s market. Often casino sites are reported for having games that completely ruin a player’s gambling experience and above all else may cause players to lose their bets.

Rigged software and RTP

The trustworthiness and fairness of a casino are some of the most important matters in the gambling industry. Second to only payment methods, unbiased and fair software is what differs a good casino from a rogue casino.

Casinos that offer low RTP rates and shady software RNG are to be avoided at all costs. That is why good gambling sites keep their RTP rates above 95% and have audit firms checking their software regularly. Moreover, they place these reports on their website, to show players their dedication to fair and responsible gambling.

If you can’t see this as such a repost, and you feel that the odds are not in your favour, you are probably in a rogue casino. Providing players with unfair games is blatant cheating and often ends up in a casino being blacklisted. One of such casinos is the Crazy Luck casino, which didn’t provide a third-party randomness audit posted on their website.

Licensing Issues

Like any brick-and-mortar casino, casinos must follow certain rules to provide legitimate gambling services. Usually, this refers to licences and safety standards.
These licences are issued by appropriate authorities in their region.

No license from the gambling authorities

If a casino fails to comply with these rules and manages to acquire one of the legitimate gambling licences, it will be blacklisted in no time. Some of the famous names are Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao Licence.

Inadequate security standards

Security is a huge part of online gambling and good casinos will go to extreme lengths to provide players with a safe and secured gambling environment. They use top encryption and other means to protect players’ personal information and details. Rogue internet casinos are not so thorough and they often have holes in their security, which leaves players vulnerable to the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Unrealistic Bonus Offers

One of the foremost tactics casinos use to attract new customers is by providing them with lucrative bonuses and promotional offers. They often come in the form of welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses (rarely), reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, etc.

However, sometimes the bonus may come to be too good to be true. Casinos offer match bonuses of up to 300%, 400%, or even 1000%. This usually means that the bonus comes with a wagering requirement, cleverly hidden sticky bonuses and/or some brutal terms and conditions. This makes clearing the bonus almost an impossible task. Also, many bad casinos use flashy promotions to bait players into joining their site. Our advice when it comes to bonuses is to stick to more realistic and manageable numbers.

Unclear terms and conditions

Some promotional offers come with incredibly complicated terms and conditions. Bad casinos love to make it difficult for players to understand how the offer actually works. This usually leads to players thinking they fulfilled all obligations for a certain bonus and then they get a bad surprise once they try to claim it.

Also, lots of online casinos seldom present bonuses with a full list of terms, so we as players can only wander in the dark, not knowing what the bonus requirements are. Add to that bad customer support that won’t help you, and you have yourself a casino that is ripe to be blacklisted.


As we mentioned, promoting new and standard bonus offers is a good way to lure new players to join your online casino. However, a lot of gambling sites tend to take their advertising too far and spam and bombard their customers’ inboxes. This can be considered borderline harassment and casinos often receive complaints and get blacklisted.

Can a Casino Get Off a Blacklist?

The online gambling industry aims to reduce the number of blacklisted casinos to a minimum, with all reasonable and necessary means. This brings safety and stability into the gambling community and above else establishes trust between players and online casinos. Above else, it sends a message that not all who are involved with the gambling industry are trying to scam you.

Therefore, yes, it is possible for a blacklisted casino to be removed from this list. Sometimes if a casino resolves all its problems and obligations towards players, we can consider putting it back in the rank of good and reliable online casinos. And this is the main reason why casinos are blacklisted in the first place – lack of desire or motive to tackle all the issues and change their MO. Sadly, in our experience, not all, but a large percentage of rogue online casinos are beyond redemption. They rather continue to fraud players and go out of business than changing their behaviour and rules.

How We Review our Canadian Online Casinos

Our main goal is to present the best and the most reliable online casinos gambling market has to offer to Canadian players. To achieve this, we go into detail about several main angles every decent online casino must have – good background, safe and reliable banking methods, professional customer support, gaming library and software providers.

Background and Safety Check

This can be often summed into one section – licencing. Here, we make no compromise, as casinos with no legit gambling licences are immediately marked as bad ones. We strongly advise players to avoid playing at any gambling sites that are not bonafide and possess no gambling licence.

Deposit Funds and Contact Customer Support

Banking methods must be safe, fast, secure and reliable transactions are our priority. Beyond that, we also review casinos that offer numerous payment methods and various fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Good customer support goes hand-in-hand with the banking department, as often players can file their complaints to customer service. That’s why good customer service reflects the overall quality of a casino. Since most of the common issues are somewhat connected to each other, we try to talk to a customer team of every casino we review.

Play Games and Cash Out Winnings

Casino games and software providers go together like peas and carrots and are often a reason why players visit a gambling site in the first place. That’s why like to check and make the casino games are functional, unbiased, with fair odds, diverse and of course fun.

This is possible only with well-known software providers, which can be a sign of a good casino.
Besides the basic functionality and fairness of casino games, we pay special attention if a casino actually honours customers and pays out player winnings.

Skip the Dilemma – Choose the Top Canadian Online Casinos Now!

Now that you know the basics on how to recognize and dodge shady and rogue casinos, the question arises – how can you find good online casinos without any fuss and waste of time.
I guess you trusted us this far so I am just going to say it: we offer unbiased online casino reviews and provide players with gambling sites that are checked and bonafide. Do check out our website and find some of the best Canadian online casinos. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy playing slots, roulette, blackjack and whatever game might be your gambling weapon of choice.

Let Us Know About a Potentially Rogue Casino

As we already stated, there are tons of good casinos out there, but there is also plenty of rouge casinos, players need to be aware of. Our team works patiently and continually looks for bad casinos out there and though our guys are thorough, once in a while, some rogue casinos slip past us, without us noticing. This is where you guys step in!

We heavily rely on regular players and their comments and complaints about online casinos. If you ever had a bad experience or you have an ongoing issue with some gambling site, do contact us and we’ll give that site a look. This can expand our list of gambling sites that don’t play by the standard rules of the gaming industry and we will gladly put them on our blacklist. This may be a small but significant step towards improving players’ overall gambling experience and creating a safe and secured online gambling community.


More questions about Worst Online Casinos

  • What does it mean if an online casino is blacklisted?

    An online casino is usually blacklisted as it doesn’t meet a strict set of criteria. Additionally, consistently failing to deliver a fair service to players, having questionable practices, will often result in a casino being blacklisted. The most common cases are casino payment problems, slow payouts, transaction cancellation, etc. Also, casinos may have rigged or tampered games as well as poor RTP percentages (especially for online slots) and gambling odds. The blacklisted online casinos rarely encourage responsible gambling per se.

  • Why is it important to avoid blacklisted casinos?

    The most obvious reason is that you don’t want to get scammed, tricked and lose your money. Other than this key reason, blacklisted casinos have dozens of issues, making a gambling experience real torture, instead of pleasure. After all, most players join online casinos to have fun.

  • What is the most trusted online casino?

    Usually, the most trusted online casinos are the ones that meet all the necessary criteria regarding gambling licences, payment methods, fair and unbiased casino games, satisfactory and efficient customer support. Furthermore, these legitimate casinos often have good player reviews all over the gambling community.

    One more thing that may be a sign of a legit and safe online casino is if the casino is a new one or the veteran one. Oftentimes, casinos that are present for some 5 or even 10 years are safe for players by pure logic – if they did something out of the ordinary, they would probably be blacklisted by the community.

  • What can I do if I already joined a blacklisted casino?

    Basically, you should delete your account and leave the casino. If you already invested some money, try and consider if that amount is worth the effort and time to get it back. Think about it – if the casino is blacklisted, chances to get your money back are definitely decreased. However, we are not saying you shouldn’t try it. It is always better to try to do it, and maybe you’ll be refunded. Ironically, this is the only real gambling you can get at the blacklisted sites.

  • Will I be able to get my money back?

    You can talk to the casino’s customer support. If they are any good, they’ll tackle this issue as soon as possible. However, bad online casinos have poor customer support, which will probably drag out your case, until the point you just give up. That’s their main tactic, as they can always say that you didn’t follow up the procedure. So, if you arm yourself with patience and iron nerves, you can play this game of “attritions” with them, hoping for the best. Even then, you are not 100% guaranteed you’ll get your money back.

  • How do I know if a gambling site is trustworthy?

    First of all, it has to have a valid gambling licence issued by the certified gambling jurisdictions. Some well-known are Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao Licence. If a casino has one of these 3 licences, it should be a safe one.

    However, one casino can be good one day, then change its terms and conditions and before you know it – it is a gambling site you should stay away from. Having a gambling licence is a must but other things like safe and secure banking options, reliable and fast customer support, offering fair games and bonuses, are also key indicators of the quality of the casino.

  • What is the safest way to gamble?

    The safest way to gamble is to not get carried away – no matter if you are stuck at the slightly worse casino or you are playing at the top-notch gambling site. Get to know the terms of the casino, their games, casino offers, customer service, baking methods – the more you go into the details, the better.

    Only then you’ll be able to keep your cool and play with your head and not your heart. This will lead to you making sounder decisions and having to be able to recognize if the casino is a good one or a bad one.