What To Avoid When Playing Slots Online


I can bet my life that you have heard this statement somewhere: “Slot machines are super popular right now,” or “A lot of my friends who are into online gambling prefer slots over other casino games.”

While this is true, there are a lot of casino myths, legends, and straight-up BS involving slot machines and all of them have been busted. But what’s the other side of the coin like? Is it possible that slots can actually hinder new casino players and have a devastating effect on their health and bankroll? Let’s address this issue right away.

Why Are Slots Popular in the First Place?


There is no point in denying, slots are the easiest casino game to play. This is probably due to the fact that they are visually most engaging to the majority of potential casino players. Slots trigger quite a few hormones in our body causing that feel-good sensation. There are no sophisticated rules and you can play them home alone, eliminating the need to learn casino etiquette.

On top of that, great slot machines require a lot of effort on the developers’ side, and if executed well, slots can be a visually stimulative source of excitement. Add a couple of expensive, branded slots based upon your favourite movie, TV show or music band, and you got yourself a winner.

This is exactly why some people have to muster their inner strength to prevent slots from consuming them. One simple trick that works for many casino players is to rationalize the whole situation – it’s only human to be attracted to a slot that’s based on your favourite film. In this game of cat and mouse, the cat doesn’t even exist. There are only other humans, setting up flashy mice traps to lure unsuspecting victims.

If you’re not careful, you’ll wind up putting all your money directly into the casino owners’ pockets.

How To Beat Slots Anyway?


There is a way to beat slots and live your life as a rich person. It’s very simple, all you have to do is to be the luckiest person in human history. If fringe science doesn’t cut it for you, well, then there’s absolutely nothing that we players can do about it. The outcomes at online slots are entirely randomized – so the sooner you accept slots cannot be “beaten”, the better.

Slots Are Designed To Drain Your Bankroll

Have you ever wondered why most online casino bonuses are used on slots only? And once you claim your casino welcome bonus, isn’t it curious that slots alone contribute to your wagering requirements with a full 100% of your bets? Why can’t you use your welcome bonus in live casinos, against live dealers or while playing video poker machines instead? The answer lies ahead.

It’s financially crucial for online casinos not to let you use your bonus on anything else than slots. They don’t require any specific skill, previous gambling experience, intuition nor depend on your opponent’s errors, fatigue, and incompetence. It’s just pure luck, and luck is hard to come by. Of all the gambling games in your average online casino, slots offer the worst chance of winning, by far.

So if you let yourself get sucked into the world of slots, there is a 99,999% chance you will end up broke. Just do the math and see if it’s worth it. Spoiler alert – it’s not.


Slots Often Have Terrible Hit Rates

When asked for advice by younger casino players regarding slot machines, I always say the same thing – do not play slots with a return-to-player (RTP) percentage below 96%. Period. No matter how attractive, well-designed, and rewarding a particular slot is, always check the RTP. Anything less than 96% is not worth the hassle.

A slot machine with an RTP of 96% will, on average, pay out 96 cents on every dollar invested. In other words, a player will lose 4 cents on every dollar worth of bets. I play slots with an RTP of 98% and more exclusively because as the rich folks say, look after your pocket change, ‘cos millions can take care of themselves. New players are usually not patient, well-informed, and composed enough to gain an advantage against slots.


Low To Medium Slot Volatility Is The Key

You’ve probably noticed that different slots have different volatility. What that means is that some slots are designed to reward players quite often, but the wins are relatively small. That’s how a slot with low volatility works. Highly volatile slots tend to reward players with bigger prizes but not as often as low to medium volatile slots. Hopefully, now you understand why those free spins bonuses are handy.

If you are a beginner with a limited budget, choose low to medium volatile slots, and avoid slots with high volatility by all means. The chances of hitting big are abysmal and you will lose money at an increased rate. Another thing worth considering is the bets themselves. As a rule of thumb, go for the lower bets and try to have as much fun as possible because if you raise the stakes drastically, your chances of winning will most likely plummet. Simply put, bigger bets activate lower odds.

Jackpots Are Equal To Quicksand

I have to admit, when I see a jackpot worth a couple of million, my heart skips a beat. No shame in admitting it, after all, we are all just humans. Now, the good thing about being human is the capacity to think things over and not react based upon your instincts alone. There are no hot or cold jackpot slots – it’s a myth debunked a long time ago. Instead, it’s all about algorithms and pure chance, so don’t honeytrap yourself in a jackpot slot thinking it will give in after you pour down your whole salary into it. Chances are, it won’t budge an inch.


I suggest you try your luck with jackpots offering smaller rewards, a couple of thousand maybe. Oh, and never ever count on winning. It’s the complete opposite of what you really need. Better to be ready to lose money and view the experience as an investment in your well-being. Be wise, have fun, and build your bankroll slowly. This is honestly harder than it seems, and rookies are more prone to succumbing to the idea of a sudden big win.

Slots Can Become A Health And Financial Problem

In an ideal society, every adult should be able to handle their emotions and aspirations properly. This includes being able to estimate one’s susceptibility to possible addictions. Sadly, the reality is everything but ideal and certain players often slip and become gambling addicts. Slots are super-addictive dopamine goldmines, and if you can admit to yourself that you can hardly control your impulses, maybe it’s best not to gamble at all. If you are still willing to give them a go, I strongly suggest the mandatory use of all disposable tools for responsible gambling offered by socially responsible online casinos.

You Dismiss The Need To Improve Your Gambling Skills (And Bankroll)

Failing to understand the inner workings of any casino game (without picking up a few tricks along the way) can come at a cost. Sure, having an imaginary opponent made of ones and zeros may sound tempting on paper, but this kind of attitude can stifle your opportunity to grow.

A game of Texas Hold’em Poker is a good example. It has a set of rules to follow, a whole lotta do’s and don’ts, plenty of psychological tricks, as well as table etiquette and appropriate mannerisms. It may sound strange, but having unfamiliar opponents at your table, even in a virtual world, limits our capacity for doing impulsive things both to ourselves and others. In other words, skipping slots and playing other more complex and socially involved games will not only make you a better player, it will also make you a more conscientious person.

Having the freedom and the possibility to do whatever we like is terrific, but having no boundaries can lead to a cascade of unnecessary problems. Not to mention, playing nothing but slots does nothing to help you hone your skills, nerves, and perception necessary for becoming a seasoned casino player. Remember, these are abilities you can exploit in your day-to-day life, not just when you play online casino games. By all means, learn them!


Make Playing Slots Your Special Event

Moderation truly is the key to literally everything in life, especially gambling. Be smart. Be responsible. You have no idea how cool those virtues can be and the amount of respect they can yield. And yes, slots can be a reliable source of fun – no one here is asking you to turn your back on them. Just try not to overdo it. There are tons of casino games out there that offer a great deal of excitement while improving your social and gambling skills, all at the same time.

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